Garyu Sakura


Garyu sakura


Garyu Sakura is an old cherry blossom which is estimated over 1100 years old in Daidouji Temple compound in Ichinomiya-town Takayama-city. Garyu Sakura has been designated as Japanese natural monument.

The term of "Garyu" means a laying dragon on the ground. The cherry blossom looked like "Garyu" so that it was named by the monk in Daidoji Temple and has been popular as a symbol of Ichinomiya-town. The area of Garyu Sakura was developed to the park and the cherry blossoms festival has been held there in blooming season in April. Many visitors enjoy Garyu Sakura.


Location Ichinomiya-town Takayama-city(inside of Garyu park)
Variety Edohiganzakura
Age About 1,100years
Size Height 20m/ Branch spread 30m/ Trunk circumference 7.3m
Blooming season From middle to the end of April
Access Get JR Takayama Honsen (JR Takayama Main line), get off at Ichinomiya Station and walk 1minute
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