The newly refurbished Sakura guest house has a traditional Japanese style in Hida region. The guest house is about 20minutes’ walk from JR Takayama station and a gateway to Hida country where calm and peaceful mountain village scenes are spread against the backdrop of an ancient castle, Mt. Matsukura. Reserved dormitory from four persons Discount price, minimum 2 nights stay


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Spring in 2011, our film production company was given a cherry blossom seedling at the reporting location. The rootstock is an old tree which is estimated over 1,100 years old. The cherry blossom looks like a laying dragon on the ground so that it was named ‘Garyu Sakura’ and has been loved by people. The seeding is planted in a front garden of the guest house. Our desire is to develop our company and guest house to be loved by people like ‘Garyu Sakura’ for long.

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Garyu Sakura

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