Access to Sakura guest house

  • 18minutes walk from the west exit of JR Takayama Station. A distance of 1.4km.
  • Get a municipal bus towards Hida Sekai Seikatu Bunka Center or Hida No Sato from Takayama Nohi Bus Centre next to JR Takayama Station, get off at Yuko no Oka bus stop and walk for 1minutes to the guest house.
  • Visitors using express coach from Nagoya or Kyoto or Osaka destination: Get off at Sukyo Mahikari Sohonzan Mae bus stop and walk for 10minutes. A distance of 0.9km.

※ If you come to our guest house by car, please put our address in car navigation system, don’t put our phone number in it.

image:Access to Sakura guest house

Access to Takayama from major cities


Using Express coach

image:Using Express coach
Using Express coach
Departure→Destination Duration A single ticket fare A return tickets fare
(a period of validity)
Tokyo(Sinjyuku) → Takayama(Takayama Bus Center) About 5hours30miniutes 6,500yen 11,700yen(7days)
Osaka → Takayama (Sukyo Mahikari Souhonzan Mae) About 5hours20minutes 5,500yen 9,900yen(10days)
Kyoto → Takayama(Sukyo Mahikari Souhonzan Mae) About 4hours 4,650yen 8,500yen(10days)
Nagoya → Takayama (Sukyo Mahikari Souhonzan Mae) About 2hours35minutes 2,900yen 5,000yen(4days)
Gifu → Takayama (Takayama Bus Center) About 2hours 2,500yen 4,500yen(10days)
Kanazawa → Takayama(Takayama Bus Center) About 2hours15minutes 3,300yen 5,900yen
Toyama → Takayama(Takayama Bus Center) About 2hours35minutes 2,000yen 3,500yen(10days)
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Using Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or Trains

image:Using Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or Trains
Using Shinkansen (Bullet Train) or Trains
Departure→Destination Type of Train Duration
Tokyo → Nagoya Nozomi, Hikari About 1hour40minutes~
Osaka → Nagoya Nozomi, Hikari About 50minutes~
Kyoto → Nagoya Nozomi, Hikari About 37minutes~
Nagoya → Takayama Wide-View Hida About 2hours20minutes~
Kanazawa → Toyama Sander Bird, Shirasagi, Hakutaka About 37minutes~
Toyama → Takayama Wide-View Hida About 1hour30minutes~

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